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Le Piercing

Before being a fashion phenomenon, Piercing is an act which has tribal origins.

Indeed, in many primitive societies, body jewels where used, like tattoos or scarification, either for purely esthetical reasons, or in a ritual way to affirm one’s belonging to a particular caste.

Perhaps nowadays, it’s not obvious to take the decision, you’ve heard on TV, on the radio, read in articles... piercing can involve certain risks or dangers if the strict rules of hygiene are not respected. Therefore it is very important to be aware and understand this in order to choose your body piercer correctly. Choose him because of his reputation or do your own personal research.

At DRAGON’S TATTOO the needles are only used once, the sterile packet is opened in front of you and the needle, after its one and only use, is then thrown into a special destruction can.

More about hygiene

Piercing Rates

NOSE 45 €
LIPS 45 €
EARS 45 €

Maintenance and advice

Belly Button Piercing

Biseptine (spray) 3 times a day during 1 month, in general healing takes no longer than one month. But it can take up to 3 to 6 months for some people.

My advice for better healing:
- avoid sleeping on the belly
- not to play with your piercing
- protect for one month
- don’t use 90° alcohol to disinfect it
- not to bathe in the sea during the healing period.
- protect it from the sun
- avoid withdrawing it every day during the first months of healing.

Tongue Piercing

Hextrill (mouth wash) 3 times a day during 10 to 15 days, diluting it well with water.
The tongue heals rather quickly.

My advice:
When the healing is over, it’s a good idea to replace the jewel with one made out of plastic and of a smaller size in order not to damage the teeth enamel.
Same advice goes for upper and lower lip piercings..

Eye brow, Ear or Nose Piercing

Biseptine (spray) 3 times a day for one month.

My advice :
Be careful not to hook the jewel any ware.

Piercing Jewellery for Tongue, Eye Brow, Belly Button, NoseNez...

A full range of piercings are available in our store, starting from 15 €

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