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The Tattoo

Which young Westerner has never drawn on his skin... Did he really know the symbolic meaning of his gesture?
The tattoo is in every one of us, deep down in our soul, however it can sometimes be forgotten or badly interpreted.

These past few years we have assisted to a rebirth of tattooing but we can’t say it’s just become an ordinary trend.
The values of tattooing are universal, in the Pacific, for American Indians, in Europe, in Asia or Africa, these engravings are a distinction, a protection for the families, the warriors, the hunters. They give to the women fruitfulness... or still express the passage from adolescence to adulthood.

Nobody invented tattooing as it has always existed since man started to draw. The first evidence goes back to 6000 to 5000 years BC : in caves of the South of Algeria, engravings representing of the painted men were found.

A Tattoo is a print of one’s equal.

Tattooing Advice

Take your time! The concept of time is very significant when one wishes to be tattooed.

It is initially necessary for you to choose a pattern, a design which corresponds to your personality, then to submit it to your tattoo artist (me), with whom you will determine the final drawing.

Speak with your tattoo artist ! Whether it’s for a small part, or a whole back, it is necessary to trust me. Ask me to show you photographs of work already completed... Do not forget that the choice of your tattoo artist is decisive. This tattoo will follow you all your life! Look after your tattoo!

You have just been tattooed. For a few days you will have to seriously look after your tattoo: washing it with soap, lubricating it, enabling it to breath. I will indicate to you the adequate creams for the healing.

Do not show your tattoo to all your friends in a smoked out bar, at least not the first week. Do not expose it to the sun or do not bathe it in sea water. Good care of your tattoo is under your whole responsibility.

To summarize, a tattoo is not done just for fun.

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